About Us

o nonexistence2 credit ray scottBioalloy is an ongoing research endeavour into artistic cyborgian systems.

Bioalloy began with the idea of designing and creating a machine that in'corp'orates a living system that grows and nurtures its own "skin"; a Cyborg*.

From initial designs using primitive and simple shapes which depicted non-anthropomorphic Cyborgian forms, the project grew.

Further research into the co-existence of a cyborgian system and the human body led to a collaboration with performance artist S.Chandrasekaran, and the Bioalloy and the Body Performance.

Bioalloy has also been fashioned into stunning and durable clothing. Working with contemporary artist Donna Franklin, the once Cyborgian "skin" has now been transformed into Micro'be' fermented fashion.

'To illustrate the Complexity, We use forms of Simplicity'

*The term Cyborg was first coined by Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline by combining the words cybernetic organism. A Cyborg is a self-regulating organism that combines the natural and artificial together in one system. Cyborgs do not have to be human, for any organism/system that mixes the evolved and the made, the living and the inanimate, is technically a Cyborg. (Gray, C. H. (2002) Cyborg citizen. Routledge. New York).