Bioalloy and the Body

Bioalloy and the Body Performance: Cyborgian Planes of (non) Existence.

S. Chandrasekaran & Gary Cass

planedrawBioalloy and the Body:
The Planes of (non) Existence
The Bioalloy and the Body Performance will engage with the 'Planes of (non) Existence' between the Human Body and a Cyborgian system, the passage between the living and the non-living.

Here, the 'Planes of (non) Existence' are not just an obstacle between worlds, but theoretically permeates between the known physical (material reality) and undefined worlds (imagination).

It may also be that the passage through the 'Planes of (non) Existence' moves beyond human space, time and consciousness.

The 'Planes of (non) Existence' separating these entities has long stood outside of the body, but through intervention this plane has been forced to shift and herein we address the main objective of the performance - how will the relationship between the Human Body and the Cyborgian system evolve, and at what point will the plane of existence vanish?

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artstays Art Stays 8, Ptuj Slovenia, 2010

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APB Signature Art Prize, Singapore Art Museum, 2008


Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth, 2007 (BEAP)

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Documenta XII, 2007 (fringe event)

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Venice Biennale, 2007 (fringe event)

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Singapore 2006, p-10 Gallery