Fermented Fashion

Donna Franklin & Gary Cass

m-conceptImagine a fabric that grows... a garment that forms itself without a single stitch!

The fashion that starts with a bottle of wine...

Micro'be' fermented fashion investigates the practical and cultural biosynthesis of clothing - to explore the possible forms and cultural implications of futuristic dress-making and textile technologies.

Instead of lifeless weaving machines producing the textile, living microbes will ferment a garment.  

A fermented garment will not only rupture the meaning of traditional interactions with body and clothing; but also raise questions around the contentious nature of the living materials themselves.

This project redefines the production of woven materials.  

By combining art and science knowledge and with a little inventiveness, the ultimate goal will be to produce a bacterial fermented seamless garment that forms without a single stitch.

'Microbes à la mode'

Download the pdfmicro_be_technet_paper and pdfmicrobe E-vellum

The E-vellum Series


Spirit Awassi Collection


In the Beginning... On the Mannequin



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