The Beer Dress

Beer Dress front lr

Fashion that starts with a bottle of beer.

The Beer Dress is just that, a dress made from the bacterial fermentation of beer.  With the advanced evolution of microbial cellulose technology, this new and improved material is very delicate, pure white and inscribed with random biological etchings. 

The Beer Dress design is the essence of summer, as frothy layers of material tumble down in clouds of white looking cool and chic. 

Part of lille3000 Textifood exhibition, World EXPO 2015 in Milan




Fermented Fashion on YouTube

Hardwired featuring iJustine -

“Most exciting about the whole sustainability movement is this sort of interdependent relationship that we have between these crazy, mad, scientist type innovators and then just the everyday consumer.”



The Scientific Creativity Initiative

Sasha Whittle's DNA portrait of Rosalind Franklin

sashadnabigSasha Whittle, a student at St Mary's Anglican Girls School has created a portrait of Rosalind Franklin from the very molecule, DNA that Franklin helped discover in the 1950s. Sasha fashioned the strands of DNA into the recognisable face of Franklin. The DNA portrait has been acquired to hang on the walls of the newly refurbished Franklin-Wilkins Library, Kings College London.

For more info: pdfSt Mary's Anglican Girls School Catalogue, 2011

Art Stays 8, Ptuj Slovenia, 2010

Bioalloy and the Body: Peristaltic Bodies

7 boris voglarThe question of when will machines become human-like is already passe and boring; the more interesting question is, when will humans become more machine-like?

ArtsStays, Ptuj, Slovenia

Biotech Art - Revisited Exhibtion, E.A.F. Adelaide.

Micro'be' Fermented Fashion

decaybewleyshaylorThe Micro'be' Fermented Fashion project has been invited to exhibit in the Biotech Art - Revisited exhibition, a follow up to the 2004 Biotech Art exhibition.

The exhibition dates are 9th April - May 2nd, 2009.