Biotech Art - Revisited Exhibtion, E.A.F. Adelaide.

Micro'be' Fermented Fashion

decaybewleyshaylorThe Micro'be' Fermented Fashion project has been invited to exhibit in the Biotech Art - Revisited exhibition, a follow up to the 2004 Biotech Art exhibition.

The exhibition dates are 9th April - May 2nd, 2009.

The theme of art and biotechnology will be revisited by the EAF in 2009. In an exploration of the connections between art & culture with biotechnology & genomics, leading Australian and international artists and theorists will present their recent works. Biotech Art - Revisited includes an exhibition (of the same name), a workshop titled Vital micro-ecologies: splice, dice, duplicate, and a free public symposium titled Life, death & biotechnia. It will bring together the general public with artists, biotechnologists, sociologists, ethicists, and, cultural theoreticians and practitioners.

As a project Biotech Art - Revisited presents a critical examination in an overall platform that considers the evolution of society, politics, networks, and media. This platform includes a series of continuous standpoints questioning the concepts of biotechnology and genetic engineering through the symposium, exhibition, workshops, and direct interaction between the public and participants.