The Scientific Creativity Initiative


Imagine that you could combine sciences and arts in one creative course!

Now you can with the new 'Abiogenesis' programme that aims to combine scientific and artistic endeavours to engage with the theory of how life began on Earth. This programme aims to dispel the old fashioned and boring philosophy that only artists are the creative ones. Why are artists the only ones that are perceived as the creative ones? Why can't scientists be creative?

Actually, many believe that both the sciences and arts are equally creative and it is collaborations between these two disciplines that will produce the most extraordinary, and visionary outcomes in the future. This will generate critical thinking, originality and creativity leading to problem solving and informed decision-making that will take us into the future that is fast becoming unpredictable.

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The Scientific Creativity Initiaitve


Inorganic rocks start to breath, eat, drink and reproduce.

The generation of life.

The Scientific Creativity "Abiogenesis" programme can contribute to senior secondary students' WACE completion requirement through the Curriculum Council's generic personal development program.

W.A. Curriculum Council Endorsed Program

Scientific Creativity Exhibitions:

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